Boat Trailer Brake Parts

Boat Trailer Brake Parts

A proud boat owner will typically make a couple of operational inspections before signing the paperwork. It is vital to note the weight of the boat, its mechanics, and its legalities. The precaution will acquaint you with mandatory regulations, such as the need for trailer brakes when the boat exceeds a certain weight.

Some states need brakes on tandems, axles, and triples, while some are only strict on one shaft. Learning or hiring a mechanic for the operational basics will let you know whether you need brakes on all axles. More axles mean the boat will have higher stopping power. Deciding the type of boat trailer brake parts you need defines the amount of mass you can tow.

The right brakes will be marine grade and have electrical components that prevent water intrusion. Electric brakes require brake controller at the dash, hence add expenses to the tow vehicle. These brakes are only viable for freshwater because saltwater will interfere with the function. Here are a few extra braking options for your boat tow system.

Types of boat trailer brakes

Hydraulic surge brakes

Boat enthusiasts will confirm that this type is the easiest to operate. It has an actuating cylinder on the fluid coupler, hence a soft impact for smooth deceleration.

Disc brakes

These brakes have massive power because they can generate more pressure in water. The internal mechanism causes enormous friction and makes the boat stop faster with more resistance.

Hydraulic disc brakes are not the best for salt-water navigations because the metal has a higher chance of corrosion. Some manufacturers avoid the issue by using aluminum, stainless steel pistons, and dacromet plates.

Electric hydraulic brakes

These brakes are the most recent addition in the market. The brakes work using an electric pump to transmit pressure fluids to the disc or drum. The controllers are easy to install and understand, hence they are easily adjustable.

The brakes work well on high-end heavy boats because they do not have the smoothest braking system. They are excellent for long journeys because they can withstand a lot of pressure. These brakes are easy to control; hence they provide better control for heavy tow trailers.

  • How long do you use the boat on drive mode in the water?
  • Will you use the boat of salt or freshwater?
  • What is the weight and size of the boat?
  • What is your budget for the maintenance service?
  • How much work are you willing to insert to maintain the brakes?

How to maintain boat trailer brake parts

Trailer brakes can cause massive catastrophes when they become dysfunctional. Luckily, their repair or replacement is easy when you have the right repair tools and knowledge. A simple checkup could highlight significant issues and require minimal replacement parts.

  • Check the brake fluid levels before every trip and change it when it changes color due to sediments or rust
  • Check the responsiveness by navigating a short distance spinning the wheel on both sides before stopping. A wobbling or squeaking wheel needs a replacement of particular parts

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Boat Trailer Brake Parts